Lake Grande Showflat Registration

The Lake Grande showflat will be available for viewing by appointment.

Please register here below if you are interested in the VIP Preview and to get early bird discounts & priority for selection of units at the launch.

JGateway Showflat by MCL Land . Lake Grande ShowflatJGateway by MCL Land . MCL Land is currently constructing the Lake Grande Showflat


Lake Grande Showflat · Developer

The showflat will open for viewing appointments in July 2016.

Please contact us for any queries on the showflat or to confirm showflat opening times and dates, to avoid inconvenience to yourself. (Note that the location of the showflat is different from that of the actual site. This is a trend among most projects nowadays, such as for the Forett showflat, though other MCL projects like Parc Esta has managed to locate its showflat just next door to its actual site.)

For details on the developer MCL Land, see (opens in new window).



Please register here to be kept updated on when the Lake Grande showflat will be ready for viewing, and for viewing dates & times.

Update: Lake Grande is 100% sold out. Thank you for visiting.