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How would you like to travel from your LakeGrande condo home to KL in just 90 to 100 minutes?

That is a real possibility now following the announcement by both countries in February 2013, that the much anticipated Singapore-KL High Speed Rail (HSR) was on the drawing board.

Subsequently on 5 May 2015, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the Singapore terminus for the 350km HSR would be located at Jurong East.

LakeGrande Condo . Singapore KL HSRLakeGrande Condo . Singapore KL High Speed Rail . Click to Enlarge

It was also stated that Jurong East was chosen as it dovetails with Singapore’s plans to transform this area into a 2nd Central Business District (CBD).

In his statement, Mr Lee had added: “In Jurong East, you have business, you have population, you have a regional centre which is already developing and this will add to the regional centre, because it will make it a very attractive place and people will come in, you are there, at a place you want to be.

The HSR completion date is not finalised yet, but it could be somewhere around 2015.


LakeGrande Condo . Singapore to KL

The actual site of the terminus will be where the Jurong Country Club is now. This plot of land is near the Jurong East MRT station, 2 stops down from the LakeGrande condo site.

So with the Singapore-KL High-Speed Rail station only 10 minutes or so away, getting to Kuala Lumpur will take less than 2 hours.

LakeGrande Condo HSR Terminus Jurong EastLakeGrande Condo . Singapore HSR Terminus @ Jurong East . Click to Enlarge

You could possibly zip up there to enjoy lunch or a business meeting, and be back in time for tea, or for further meetings back in Singapore, and comfortably home for dinner.


LakeGrande Condo · As an Investment

The locating of the terminus in Jurong East has brought with it a buzz, a sense of optimism, and enhanced interest to the Jurong property market.

As a regional centre and the CBD of the west, Jurong East by itself is already a very attractive location for investors. Now, with the added benefit of the HSR terminus here, it is undoubtedly one the most attractive investment areas, with exciting prospects of growth & capital appreciation in the future.

In a Facebook post at the time of the announcement of the HSR, PM Lee said, “Jurong is set to be transformed“, and the High Speed Rail project will draw Singapore and Malaysia closer. “The terminus will stimulate developments all around it. Jurong East will become a second Central Business District,” he added. See full report here. (Opens in new window.)


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